You have a dark background: Mistakes that make your phone’s battery empty

It’s almost impossible to imagine one day without your smartphone. But, it’s often true that calls and constant scrambling in social networks will wear out the battery before the day is over.

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Where do you make a mistake and what can you fix for the battery of your smartphone for longer than a few hours?

Error number 1: Do not clean the charger port

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Error number 2: You have a dark background

you have-dark-wallpaper-greski-because-koi-battery-on-the-phone-you-are-empty-brzo-02.jpg

Error number 3: The phone is in your hands constantly

Leave the mobile in your pocket or purse, where the temperature is lower and prevent unnecessary heat, which leads to battery waste.

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Error number 4: The automatic rotation is on

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Error number 5: You forget to delete running applications in the background

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Error number 6: Your light is set to the maximum

Decrease it to 30-40% or set it to automatically change according to the room you are in.

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Error number 7: Vibration is constantly on

Try to quit when it’s not scary to ring your phone.


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