How to Get Your Skin Ready for Fall

Fall is for sure the most favorite season for a lot of people. When fall comes there also comes the football, dry weather, and back to school for the kids. The temperatures are falling and the skin is becoming more dry and itchy than it was when the sun was shining. We give you some ways that work miracles that will help you to treat your skin from the cold days that follow.

Exfoliate: Everyone needs to get rid of the dirty and dead skin cells and by doing that you need to exfoliate several times a week.  By using a scrub your body will have a perfect and smooth silky finish and the dead cells will be removed. If you are looking for a completely natural and moisturizing scrub the best for you is the honey and sugar scrub. This you can make at home and won’t cost you anything and is chemical free.


Drybrush: Since we first started with exfoliating, “drybrushing” is an effective way to get in there and really scrub out all those dry skin cells. All you do is get a natural bristle brush and work a scrub into your skin and brush away all the gross dead skin. Not only does it dust away the layer of dry skin sitting on your arms, it also buffs away cellulite and stimulates blood flow within your body. Who would’ve known taking care of your skin externally can also helps your body internally?

Get enough rest: We cannot stress enough how important getting enough sleep is! Your body can’t properly function without rest, so how is your skin expected to be flawless? Your skin tells the world you haven’t been getting your 8 hours, so relax with some lavender oils when you go to bed to get your most restful sleep yet.


Moisturize: There’s no such thing as using too much lotion, especially in the fall. Lotion is made up of fats and oils that keep your skin looking fresh and brand new. Moisturizer works in two ways: it traps the moisture that is already in your skin from escaping, and it also adds moisture back into your skin that may no longer be there. Make sure to always keep a bottle in your purse or car, that way you’ll never forget to put it on.