8 symptoms of hidden depression

If a person phrases a lot, asks for excuses, does not have a proper reaction to the events, obsessively contemplates a topic, then it’s time for red anxiety.

Depression is a serious problem and can often be mixed with fatigue and discomfort. But the constant sadness, the lack of initiative, the loss of physical and mental strength are signs of depression.

However, the diagnosis must be made by a doctor.

To know if you need to go to him, pay attention to these symptoms in order to avoid negative consequences:


Hidden depression can bring an increased desire of the person to talk on philosophical topics, using a more abstract way of expressing thoughts.

Depressed people want to talk about the meaning of life and do it all the time.

Request Excuses

People suffering from depression often seek excuses to conceal their true desires and desires.

They sometimes just want to lie at home alone instead of going somewhere and breaking the mood of others with their emotional state. So it’s not surprising if you hear a long, thought-out story of justification why they did not show up on your birthday.


Lack of proper reaction

In a state of depression, people perceive the environment differently. A person can begin to agree with everyone, stop expressing his thoughts and desires, not reacting to the injuries he has inflicted on someone, and even not to feel pain in situations where pain is inevitable, such as the loss of a loved one .

Psychosomatic diseases

In this state, a person can appeal to inconveniences with the heart, tension in the hands and feet, difficulty breathing, headache, toothache, etc. Studies show that everything is fine with the person’s health.

The emergence of these inconveniences is the result of the unstable and anxiety state of mind. The pain additionally brings stress and anxiety to the victim and she is in a closed circle and suffers from sudden psychosomatic illnesses.

Strange look

The bad mental state as a rule is reflected in the appearance. If a person stops taking care of himself, he neglects the rules of hygiene and does not maintain order in the home, consider whether it is good.


Of course, this applies to people who have previously paid attention to these things.


Obsessive thoughts

In the state of depression, the person constantly turns one and the same thought through his head. She thinks that in this way he requires answers to her questions, but obsessive thoughts can not solve her problem, but only create an illusion of finding a way out of the situation.

You can easily see if your close person is obsessed with a thought. As a rule, it is conceived and speaks every day on the same topic without trying to translate words into action. All this brings apathy and stress.

Change the pace of work

If a person ceases to perform the standard daily workplace duties, starts to forget information, constantly complains about fatigue, and somehow does not make sense to her, then it’s time for red anxiety.

There are also situations where previously very few active people are turning to addicts and start to be proud of their achievements and overlap the schedule. They try to escape the emotions and give them the meaning of their lives.


Exaggerated joy

Masking depression with depleted happiness is a phenomenon that is not rare. People who are emotionally upstarted sometimes seem the happiest and most frivolous of public appearances. They avoid serious conversations and joke on difficult issues.

To discover such a person you need to make personal contact with her on an intimate subject.


If you notice symptoms of depression in any of your loved ones, talk to him about his health and offer help. If she does not want to communicate on the topic, leave her a bit of peace and observe his condition.

Do not ridicule his problem and advice like “stop worrying, cheer up, relax” remember that they do not do a job in this situation.


Help him with small everyday things for which depression does not leave him strong. Be careful of him because he even collects a smile for a smile that knows what big problems can hide in his head. And, of course, consult a doctor for advice.