These vegetables are more useful when cooked

It is well known that most vitamins are thermally-labile and deactivated by heat treatment. This is why the consumption of fruits and vegetables as the richest in vitamin foods is recommended in raw form.

However, there are some health-conscious substances whose quantities not only do not decrease, but even become easier to digest after a mild culinary treatment of food products. Several of the regularly consumed vegetables fall into this category. It turns out that by consuming them raw we are deprived of some of the most important benefits of them.

Here are some vegetables that are most useful after a light culinary treat and what it should be.


It turns out we’re wrong when we eat them raw. Much more useful are baked or stewed with little fat. Carrots are known for their high content of beta carotene or provitamin A. This is a powerful antioxidant that is transformed into vitamin A in the body. However, it is very difficult to digest raw carrots. Light heat treatment makes carotenoids much easier to digest, and fat is needed to make it easier to pass through the blood.


It is also often used in raw form to prepare a fresh green salad. The idea that we consume spinach in its most beneficial form is, however, wrong. The culinary treatment of spinach, for example, asphyxiation, is useful in 2 directions.

On the one hand, when the spinach leaves are squeezed, they tend to squeeze and allow more consumption. On the other hand, spinach contains oxalic acid , which blocks the complete absorption of iron and calcium . However, it is heat-labile and, in light heat treatment, at least 60% of it is deactivated. This allows full absorption of all trace elements from spinach.

Red peppers
Like carrots, they are very rich in carotenoids , whose absorption is much more complete after heat treatment. In red peppers it is recommended to consume roasted, such as dry baking, without added liquids, helps to fully preserve the antioxidants in their composition.

A key ingredient of tomatoes, which is present in a few other vegetables, is lycopene . It has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and most often its deficiency is found in people who consume raw tomatoes. The most complete composition of these vegetables is digested when milled and subjected to mild heat treatment.


Raw food is a very useful approach to a number of vegetables and fruits and it will always be the preferred method of consuming most of them. However, on the basis of the optimal utilization of certain ingredients, the indicated vegetables are preferably consumed cooked.