5 ways to get into shape after the holidays – Everything you need to know!

Once we’ve made you outdoors, we offer indoor sports in today’s material for ideas for entry into shape after the holidays. In our today’s suggestions, we have selected activities that will raise your tone, speed up your metabolism, and avoid blizzards and snowdrifts.

Motion 1: swimming

Swim for health, swim for tonus and beautiful bodies. There are at least 4 styles in which you can swim, so if you only have a few of them you can put yourself as a new year’s goal to learn one of the other styles. You can never know when the good skills in the pool will turn you into a hero, so – swim! Last but not least, swimming will relax, tone you, lift your mood. Swimming is one of the recommended sports for children and adolescents, so you can swim with your child to you (son / daughter / nephew / neighbor) or your child yourself. And for all ladies – swimming can combine excellent spa procedures to visit with your best friend or treat yourself to your beloved.

Motion 2: Fitness

Fitness is one of the most popular indoor activities in recent years. For good or bad we go to the gym on the eve of the summer or in January unhappy with the results after Christmas. That is why we advise you – fitness is not an activity from day to noon! If you have recently visited regularly … or at least regularly (1-5 times a month) the gym, do not stop in December. In order to have real results from your fitness exercises – they have to be constant, so you will achieve the body you are aiming for. To maintain your shape during the holiday month, try to visit the room at least once a week, and walk the other way, outdoors, climb stairs (let the elevator at your entrance go on vacation), squat for awakening.

Motion 3: Yoga


Yoga is not a sport that appeals to everyone, but in halls in major cities you can now choose among many varieties of yoga activities – from more spiritual yoga – mandala or dynamic ashtanga yoga. With yoga, you will stretch out, you may be sweating (if you choose from the physically demanding yoga classes) or balance the chakras and seduce the demons in yourself with spiritual yoga.

Motion 4: Squash / Badminton

Squash is suitable for burning many calories for a short time. One hour squash will definitely drain you and sweat. If you are a tennis enthusiast, this is an alternative and much more busy activity that can challenge yourself and your tennis partner between the holidays. The main disadvantage is the lack of enough rooms to “shatter between four walls”. Badminton is sport, yes, sport and quite well developed. If ever as a child you loved to play a rugbyball and want to recall the children’s activities you can try out in a badminton room … Well, if you do not have a similar (badminton halls are in the country), you can jump in front of the block , clearing snow beforehand – so you will have a double load – from snow cleaning to racing.

Motion 5: Boxing

This proposal is also the New Year’s promise that the author of the article puts. If you want to tighten, tone, pour out aggression (against many food, noisy companies, and distant relatives with whom you have fulfilled your December routine) boxing is your decision. For him, you need a good coach and hall (you can now get more out of boxing at the sports centers in the country) and 60 minutes of time available. I promise you will leave the hall totally cleansed by toxins, bad thoughts, and the next day a great muscle fever awaits you.


Finally, I will finish with an alternative offer – sports at home. To sport at home, you do not need much – scarves, dumbbells, exercise ideas, appropriate music and desire. Exercise can be downloaded through the internet, play a proper rhythmic music, free up your workout space and take time for yourself – you will move and feel much better … and unconsciously you will release / clear the room , where you will be doing exercises – one stroke, two rabbits.