Tips from a famous psychiatrist about depression. A must Follow Rules!

Psychiatrist Cosmo Hallstrom of the United Kingdom finds that fighting depression is a difficult and painstaking process, especially in the period when you are partially recovered.


You can recover from the cold by night, and your fractures are followed by weeks of recovery, but you need depression for months and even years. This slow process is a hard journey to overcome obstacles.

Different people recover in a different way from depression.

In 50 to 65 per cent of cases, the drugs are responsible for this, but sometimes only a change in the circumstances may affect mood amelioration and depression disappearance.

According to psychiatrist Cosmo Hallstrom, depression is a condition that is cured.

 “Some people will recover completely and return to normal, others will become better, but not completely.”

Confession of a man struggling with depression:

“I’m partly recovering from depression. I no longer have suicidal thoughts and am able to enjoy while spending time with family and friends. The dream has improved considerably and I can again be part of the activities I enjoy, such as choral singing.

But things are not perfect. I am still inexplicably tired and do not need much to ruin my mood. Sometimes the responsibilities of work and family are overloading me. I am inclined to crises with self-esteem and paranoia. ”



Tips from Dr. Hallstrom:

“All this is perfectly normal. Most often, biological symptoms improve first, much before the psychological. People may feel that their appetite has been restored, sleeping and looking better, but things at that moment do not mean that they are completely arranged.

Nobody tells you that the process of treating depression can be a very lonely experience. When you are wrong, you have a mass of people who support you, but when you look good and feel physically well nobody realizes that your fight is still going on behind the scenes. You do not want to rush them again with your problems and silence. You seem to make the recovery process easy, but it’s really hard for you to keep the smile on your face.

Treatment of depression can be frustrating. It’s rarely a linear process and many times you’ll come back. You will fight with exhaustion, with rage about your limitations and you will despise your illness that stops you from living your normal life.


Often you will panic when you have a bad day and you will find it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the good news is that you can do many things to stay on the right track.

Many people when they start to feel better immediately stop using medicines and then fester. You should take antidepressants for another 6 months from the moment you start to feel better. Also, practice. That way you will improve your mood. Eat well, walk and avoid stress as much as you can.

You will not always be successful in all of these things, but you will learn to be finer with yourself. Do not be selfish if things are not in perfect order.

Even when you come to a full recovery position, never take your mental health for granted. About 50% of people who have had an episode of depression will have another, even more.


Think of the things and the people you want, and remember that this is a difficult battle, but it’s worth it, “advises Dr. Hallstrom.