Can lack of sleep make you depressed?

If you have the habit of sleeping less than eight hours a night, you should think about how to give it up because it has the risk of depression and anxiety, researchers say.

Frequent sleep disturbances can also make it more difficult for you to get rid of negative thoughts. It turns out that when the dream does not reach, it is a problem to ignore what bothers us.

This means that inadequate sleep is one of the reasons why negative obsessive thoughts are held back and interfere with people’s lives.


It is believed that these negative thoughts make people vulnerable to various psychological disorders, such as anxiety or depression.

For research purposes, published in ScienceDirect magazine, experts estimate the time and duration of sleep in people with moderate to high levels of recurring negative thoughts.

The participants are shown different pictures designed to elicit a certain emotional response, and the researchers track their attention through the movement of the eyes.

Sleep time and duration can also contribute to the development or maintenance of psychological disorders.


This discovery would potentially allow psychologists to treat anxiety and depression by altering sleep cycles. When patients acquire healthier habits related to the night rest, their condition is likely to improve.