Tomatoes and apples – best foods for smokers

There is no question that cigarettes cause long-term damage to the lungs and the most successful way to prevent them is to quit smoking. However, there are some measures that sworn smokers can take to reduce or even offset some of the damage caused by cigarette smoke.

The results of a special study on the health of the respiratory system show that proper nutrition can slow down smokers’ destructive lung health processes.

Especially useful in this regard are tomatoes and apples .

A Johns Hopkins University research team in the United States found that regular consumption of tomatoes and apples significantly slows the long-term degenerative processes in the lungs of smokers. The positive effect is associated with specific substances in the composition of these foods.

The study focuses on a study of the lungs in 650 people, passionate smokers, over a period of 10 years. At the beginning and at the end of the ten-year period, each of them had two thorough pulmonological examinations to detect changes in the lungs over the years. Spirometry tests were carried out to determine the lung volume and the quality of breathing.


After processing the results and comparing the diet regimens of the participants it was found that those who regularly eat tomatoes and apples have the lowest lesions on their lungs.

Pulmonary function consistently decreases after 30 years of varying intensity depending on the general health , eating habits and lifestyle of each person. Increased consumption of tomatoes and apples can help slow down this trend and, above all, reduce damage caused by harmful habits such as smoking.

More in-depth research is underway to identify the specific causes of these two food products to affect positively the health of the lungs. For the time being, the key role of lycopene in tomatoes – a strong antioxidant that gives them the red color – is suspected . It is also associated with a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate problems in men.


One thing is clear – the regular consumption of fresh tomatoes and apples, minimally treated with fertilizers and dangerous chemicals , is a very convenient tool that will in no way harm and can help smokers compensate for some of the damage they themselves cause.