6 questionable health advices

We grew up believing in some things without having a specific reason for it. We have heard from mums and grandmothers or acquaintances that these tips are working and effective and we are probably trying to do it mechanically. It is time to wonder if they really help you or are just myths.

1. We need to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Is it?

We constantly repeat how we should not dehydrate, and for this we need to pour water. It is absurd to talk about a specific quantity, as people are different and their bodies have different needs. Best watch your body, what it tells you.

2. One apple a day keeps the doctor away from me

Apples are useful, but not magic. They contain vitamins and beneficial substances that can be found in other fruits. To keep your immune system healthy, eat more fruits and vegetables.

3. We need 8 hours of sleep per day


Again, it is a question of individual needs. There is no rule! There are people who sleep for 4 hours and are fresh the next day, Others need at least 10 hours of sleep.

4. We need to go in great need every day

This theory is totally false. You can go out once every 3 days and be healthy again, or three times a day. According to health experts, walking 3 times a week is considered to be healthy and normal.

5. Constant washing of hands keeps us from diseases

Hygiene is important for good health , but constant cleaning of hands with various preparations removes only the dirt from them.

6. Recommended regular detox

The word “detox” is very modern and everywhere we advise to do it at least once a week or twice a month. most often it is associated with the purchase of detoxifying snacks, juices and other packaged “healthy” foods.

First, the body does not need a regular detox. It has a way to throw toxins out of the stool.


Second, if you’ve decided to unload your stomach, bet home-made “potions” for the purpose.