Do it yourself: Shampoo for faster hair growth

If you want long, lush and chilled hair, this recipe will help you in that!


The offer of shampoos for faster hair growth is great, but there is also a recipe that will not cost you much, and is one of the most effective and popular among those who are struggling with sweatshop.

Ingredients required:

– 750 milliliters of nettle shampoo

– Vegetable oil drops

– 100 milliliters of panthenol

– 50 milliliters of castor oil


– 30 milliliters of nettle drops (can be found in a pharmacy)



Use a one-liter shampoo bottle (you can transfer from one liter of nettle shampoo to refill the pack). Add all of the listed ingredients.

Use it for every wash and shake it before use.

The results are visible after 20-30 days from the beginning of use.


IMPORTANT: If you have dry hair leave the Panthenol or put less (30-50 milliliters).