How dangerous are the raw fish products?

A death case with a woman eating oysters in the US once again raised the issue of the risk of eating raw fish and other seafood that did not have a thermal orbot. The issue is important on the basis of the growing popularity of sushi and other foods with raw fish products.

The risk of intoxication after consumption of raw fish products comes mainly from the likelihood that they are contaminated with dangerous bacteria that feed on raw meat.

Such bacteria can cause serious food poisoning and intoxication. Within 1-2 days after the consumption of infected products, symptoms suggestive of this type of intoxication develop – massive rash, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, shortness of breath and other serious respiratory problems.


Food poisoning suffers millions of people every year. A major part of them is due to intoxication due to the consumption of products containing raw seafood.

Dangerous bacteria that develop on raw fish products are of the Vibrio genus and are referred to as virions. Of the same kind are cholera- inducing bacteria . They feed on raw flesh and can provoke life-threatening bacterial infections and  poisoning of the blood .

The worst case is that the contamination of raw fish products with such bacteria can not be proved either by their appearance, smell or taste.

Data on the fatal case in the US after eating oysters should not be seen as a signal for eternal denial of sustenance, oysters and other raw fish products. They focus mainly on raising awareness of how fresh these products are , where and how they are produced.

More often problems after eating foods with raw fish are associated with unlocking a food allergy and poisoning due to presence of Vibrio bacteria are much more rare. In both cases, in a quick and timely response, the consequences are completely reversible.

Full protection from contamination after consumption of fish products and any type of seafood can only provide good heat treatment – be it frying, baking or cooking. All of this, of course, comes at the expense of changing their natural taste qualities.


Natural taste or security – a matter of personal choice – something so typical of culinary art.