Some rituals for a fresh start of the day

Sleep and waking in the morning is a complex task for many. We go home after a busy day, have dinner, and want to go to bed sooner, but this is not always so easy. The reasons may vary. One thing is clear – the late bed causes a problem getting up the next day.

There is a way to sleep enough and to be fresh and ready for new challenges. To that end, we must simply build a stricter regime to keep. Here are some tips in this regard:

End Alarms Delay

Do you leave the morning alarm to ring in 5 minutes? This disturbs our morning tone and makes us even more lazy. The reason is in our organic clock, which is confusing and a few minutes in a nap gives us even more.

Sleep without a phone

Technology is an indispensable part of our lives. Happy are those who do not like to spend their free time with a handset. The light from the screens of the electronic devices we use has a negative impact on the quality of sleep. If we are accustomed to going into social networks before we fall asleep, we will have difficulty getting early on the next day.



If we do not sleep well for a few days and become acid and dropped, we can resort to aromatherapy. It is proven that the aroma of various essential oils reduces stress, relaxes consciousness and body.

Aromatherapy at bedtime will help us have a deeper sleep, so that in the morning we can wake up without an alarm.

Cooler bedroom

It has been proven that sleeping more cooler is more useful. Of course, we increase the degrees of heating if it is cold, but it gets hot in the night, we sweat and we spin in bed. In addition, the air is dried more and makes us drink water, which in turn disturbs our sleep because we get more often to a toilet. Therefore, a cooler bedroom is the key to a better sleep and waking up with a smile.

First water, then coffee

The first thing we do early in the morning to ponder is to drink coffee. But it is more appropriate to take a few sips of water first, then a caffeine drink. This helps to hydrate the body and stimulate metabolism.

Protein for breakfast

If we wake up with great effort and hurry to get out of work , we will miss breakfast. And it is very important for our tone during the day. Drinking protein gives us energy, slows down the release of fat and suppresses appetite. In addition, the morning man is in a much better mood than the hungry.

Eggs, nuts, fruit and vegetable shakes, peanut butter are the most suitable protein breakfast.


Whether with protein or other nutrients, breakfast should not be missed in the morning because it improves skin condition, controls blood sugar, strengthens the immune system.