Hillary Clinton has thought that she was finally out of the woods when it has come to being charged with a lot of the crimes she has committed. But for her loss, however, she just learned she was dead wrong.

The Gateway Pundit has made a report that Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has spoken out to say that there is more than enough evidence to arrest Clinton, and to call for her to be charged immediately.

Fitton stated that the evidence of Clinton mishandling classified information is overwhelming, citing classified information being found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Weiner’s wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin,  transmitted classified information and passwords on her Yahoo email accounts.

The State Department has slowly been releasing the 2,800 government emails on Weiner’s laptop. Fitton called on the Justice Department to launch a serious investigation and prosecute Clinton and Abedin. He said that former FBI head James Comey’s investigation into Hillary Clinton a “sham”.


“You got a Russia scandal, you’ve gotta Bahrain scandal, you gotta China scandal, you gotta Nigeria scandal…you still gotta Benghazi scandal!” Fitton said. “We’ve known for some time the Clinton investigation was a sham and corrupt. The text messages are further proof. Clinton email investigation should be reopened. More than enough evidence, especially on classified info abuse, to arrest Mrs. Clinton now.”

“The fact that Hillary Clinton and her agents tried to destroy or hide emails shows how she flagrantly and knowingly violated the laws that protect classified information and government records,” Fitton said. “And these new emails refute Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims of having little or no knowledge about her email system.  She clearly was fully in charge of setting up her outlaw email system and overseeing its use. When will the Justice Department act?”


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