8 methods for stress relief according to psychologists

Swap your fingers several times on your lips or do only the things you adore for an hour.

There is no person who does not experience failures, falls and fears, so that’s why you must learn how to deal with them with ease.

Instead of mopping your nails out of stress, you try to take your thoughts out of problems and relax.

Psychologists suggest several tricks to relieve stress:

Write down everything that comes to your mind

To get rid of stress, you need to write down thoughts, situations, relationships with people, job ideas. This is an effective and creative process that will remove you from problems.

You will kill the tension, your head will be clean, and your idea, thought, situation will make a good structure. Then you will see things from a new perspective.


Prepare meals with strictly selected ingredients

When you are nervous, make yourself a new, healthy and nice meal. Go out to the market and select the products you will use for a long and detailed selection.

Then throw yourself to chopping, cooking and serving with pleasure. With the end result, you can even commend your friends. Pleasure will be great, and you will forget about stress.


Engage your muscles

After each strong tension, a strong relaxation comes. For 10 seconds, tighten the muscles, then concentrate for 20 minutes on how they relax and will feel a sense of relaxation.

Use such short exercises for various muscle groups and you will immediately feel the effect.



React appropriately or do not react at all

It’s best not to fight with stress, but to completely avoid it. Because life is unpredictable and you can not isolate yourself, this can be achieved by your reaction.

Think about a motto that you tell yourself in stressful situations: “I can not change the situation, but I can change my reaction to it.” A positive reaction to a negative event will help you avoid stress.

Stop the flow of thoughts

You have to learn how to throw out negative thoughts from your head. Shake hands and shout: “Enough! I’ll think about it later “or just pinch your hand to get your attention away from the river of negative thoughts in your head.

As soon as you interrupt the cycle and transfer the attention to something else, the tension will disappear.

Give yourself an hour of your favorite pleasure

Part of the day you dedicate yourself to doing things you want. Perhaps it’s a walk in the park or reading a book, it’s important to make you happy.

At least an hour for yourself, without work, no responsibilities and negative thoughts and your mood will improve.


Stimulate your nerves

A strange but effective method of relaxing stress is several times with your index finger to cross your lips.

This movement affects the nerves of the surface of the lips, stimulates the nervous system and makes you calm down quickly.


Make something productive

To get rid of thoughts from problems, do something productive.

Volunteer in an organization, help someone, clean up your home, buy something for friends, or arrange old albums.