Quick hands-on exercises for all who spend a long time on a computer or telephone

Modern devices, such as tablets and smartphones, but also computers, create modern problems.

Apart from causing dependence, as well as eye problems, these devices also bring problems with the nerves, muscles and joints of the hands.

Orthopedists say the carpal tunnel syndrome and the smartphone finger syndrome are caused by long and improper holding of hands when working with electronic devices.


So, find out more about them and apply the exercises that will help you to avoid these problems of modern times:

The carpal tunnel syndrome is due to compression of the nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel at the wrist of the arm.

It causes pain in the wrist and fingers, tingling and stiffness, and the arm can weaken if it lasts for a long time and is not treated.


In addition to the many different causes that cause this syndrome, among them is the wrong hand holding, irregular bending, especially when working on a keyboard, a computer or a tablet.

Therefore, it is important to hold your hands properly while you are working, that is, to be straightened, to do regular exercises, as well as rest.


The “smartphone finger” syndrome  causes pain, stiffness, inflammation and in severe cases, a curvature of the thumb on the hand that you most often use when working on the phone.

That’s why, you need to constantly change your finger with which you work and control hand holding.


Simple exercises for maintaining joints in good condition:


You can do it during the day, while at work or at home – in any place, they are effective and removing fatigue from the hands.


Pair your hands, and fingers on both hands, take one hand out as far as possible, then slide them back and leave them in that position for 10 seconds, then cross them and squeeze them for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times.


Stretching your fingers

Connect your palms and fingers. Begin your thumbs, so keep the showcases in order, and separate all fingers that are in pairs. Repeat 5 times with each pair of fingers.


The gorge

Straighten your hands as on the top picture and cross your fingers in an upright position by tugging as much as possible. Then bend the cross fingers down while pushing with the wrists.

Return them to the starting position and repeat 10 times.



Connect your thumb with each finger in a row, starting with the index finger, then repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. Repeat 5 times with both hands.



Pair your palms and fingers and hold your palms at the height of the chest. Press one palm to the other for 5 seconds. Then return to the starting position and repeat the opposite side with the opposite arm.

Repeat 5 times with both hands.