Visiting the sauna can also strengthen the immunity

Besides a relaxing influence on the psyche, the sauna also brings direct physical benefits to the body. Regular visit to the sauna improves not only the mood but also our general health. Experts say 2-3 visits to the sauna a week in winter can greatly enhance our immunity.

It has long been known that frequent visits to the sauna are recommended for the prevention of any type of cardiovascular disease. By contributing to our stronger immunity, the sauna already goes beyond the relaxation procedures and takes on the importance of an effective alternative medicine tool.Image result for sauna

The role of the sauna to boost immunity in the winter is proven by a specialized study conducted in Poland. Scientists have examined the blood profile of 20 volunteers before and after visiting the sauna to determine its effect on the amount of immune cells. The results are eloquent and prove the sauna’s beneficial impact on immunity.


It has been found that even with 2 visits to the sauna a week, significant mobilization of the body’s immune potential is achieved. Rapid activation of the first line of immune protection is reported – the production of basophils, neutrophils and lymphocytes is increased. These are the main components of immunity that are involved in neutralizing disease-causing microorganisms shortly after the invasion of the organism. In addition, they help prevent exacerbation of chronic infections and allergic reactions.

Thus, in conditions of increased influenza, the sauna offers effective influenza prevention aid at all ages. Most beneficial should be the effect in people with weakened immunity or predisposed to frequent illness.

This study proves the sauna’s positive role in immunity in people who visit it at least 2 times a week and spend at least 10 minutes on a visit. It has been established that this is the recommended minimum for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This combines the two extremely beneficial effects of the sauna – strengthening immunity and providing cardiac health.


Adding these benefits to its relaxing effect, we can now look at the sauna not as a glimpse, but as a guarantee of longevity, which everyone must afford at the earliest opportunity, especially in the winter.