New Leftist Move Just Erupts! Now They Are Trying To Take Away Major Constitutional Right From Senior Citizens, You’ll Be Furious

The left maybe want to disclose to you that they are not a group of extremists. They actually are, and they are all lying to us. We need to confront certainties: liberals have an agenda. To ensure that agenda, libs are doing their best to stifle conservative votes. It’s disgusting, however common, and furthermore essential governmental issues. The present strategy is new, in any case. The old techniques for vote suppression typically included Fake News. You need the country’s liberals to overlook the advantages of the Conservative Agenda? Simply call the conservatives ‘racists.’ Works unfailingly, and it just kills any shot that generally sensible libs may at last vote their inner voice.

For sure, there are sometimes when the Left are getting significantly nastier than simply Fake News. Once in a while, they are doing an absolute voter suppression. In related news, liberals are currently attempting to smother the votes of the elderly. All things considered, they’re quite recently old individuals… for what reason would it be a good idea for them to in any case have the privilege to vote? This, women and men of their word, is the manner by which outrageous the left has gotten.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Liberals are grumbling about how the elderly no longer deserve the right to vote, since they don’t vote progressive enough.

The topic was raised in July by Maclean’s, with author Daniel Munro considering arguments as to why the elderly should have their voting rights revoked at some point, such as around 70-years-old.


“The idea is that once citizens reach a certain age, they will be less concerned with our social, political, and economic future than younger generations and much less likely to bear the long-term consequences of political decisions and policies.”

“In that case, their votes ought to be discounted, or eliminated altogether.”


Be that as it may, possibly Munro is only a screwball? Possibly he’s not mainstream dynamic idea. That is to say, dislike two individuals are making this contention.

George Chesterton noted that elderly people often have their drivers’ license revoked when they are deemed unfit to continue driving, and also noted that prisoners are not allowed to vote, thus proving that revoking voting rights from certain segments of the population isn’t infringing upon democracy.

On the off chance that somebody says something insane once, expect it’s a joke

A few times? Consider them important. Furthermore, respect your senior citizens.

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