Pelosi Launches ‘Resistance’ Against Trump’s Infrastructure Plan, Admits She Doesn’t Know What It Is

Nancy Pelosi has not so long ago released a statement of ‘resistance’ against President Trump’s infrastructure plan. It is a plan that hasn’t been released, and she hasn’t even read. It is pretty sad.

Tomorrow, President Trump is going to release his 2019 budget and perhaps his infrastructure plan. This occasion presents us with a pivotal moment in the governance of our country. Last week, we finally came to closure on the caps funding with the fifth stop-gap budget bill until March 23rd,” writes Pelosi.

“This week, we must pivot aggressively to show the country how the Trump budget is not a statement of our values, and how the Trump infrastructure plan harms taxpayers and consumers,” she said even though it has come out yet.


“And we must continue showing the public how unfair the GOP Tax Scam is to the middle class and halt the GOP assault on the Affordable Care Act. This is the time, this is the opportunity. We must be persistent in advocating A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future. We have great leadership on our committees of jurisdiction, the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, and with Chairman Luján,” she writes.


“Tomorrow, the Senate will take the next steps to bring a bill to the Senate floor to protect the DREAMers. I hope we can get the same respect from Speaker Ryan. Working together, we must win our fight for American values, the financial stability of America’s working families and the integrity of our elections,”wrote Pelosi.