BREAKING: TRUMP SENDS IN THE FEDS – Sanctuary City Leaders Arrested

California Governor Jerry Brown has recently signed legislation declaring his state to be a “sanctuary state,” meaning it would be a safe haven for illegal aliens. Now, however, Donald Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is letting Brown know that they will continue to arrest illegal aliens in California regardless of what he does.

The Los Angeles Times has made a report that federal agents just ordered dozens of Northern California businesses to prove that their employees are authorized to work in the U.S. James Schwab, an ICE spokesman, said employers at 77 businesses across California were told that they have three days to show their employees are in compliance with federal law.

Schwab said that though nobody has been arrested as part of this operation yet, employers who knowingly hired unauthorized workers could face criminal charges or fines. He added that workers found to be in the country illegally during the investigations will be subject to arrest and removal from the country.


Though Schwab did not identify which businesses were given this notice, he said they represent a range of industries and include chains as well as mom-and-pops. This is all part of a crackdown that federal authorities said is focused on protecting jobs for U.S. citizens and “eliminating unfair competitive advantages for companies that hire an illegal workforce.”

This comes after ICE Director Thomas Homan said that the federal government would not allow California to be “a sanctuary state for illegal aliens,” and would have no choice but to “conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community.”

At the beginning of January, Homan warned that “California better hold on tight” and that if local politicians “don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”


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