In the year since Obama has left the office, the American people have started to learn the many lies he told us all. Freedom Daily has made a report that new reports have made a  confirmation that the money Iran received in sanction relief from the Obama Administration has in fact gone to groups considered terrorists.

Back in 2016, the Obama administration controversially and illegally transferred $400 million in cash to Iran at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport on January 17, the same day the Americans who were being held by the Iranian regime as hostages were released.

Though Obama’s defenders claim this was not a ransom payment, it’s clear that that’s exactly what it was. Making matters even worse, this was not the only ransom that was paid, as Obama’s White House later paid $1.3 billion to Iran for what they claimed was interest from the $400 million held by the US from 1979 to 2016.

A new report from the American Action Forum (AAF) found that $37.4 million of the ransom money likely has been handed over to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the group that carries out terrorist operations around the world and that has murdered Americans.


“Applying the official (Iranian budget) spending levels to the U.S. payment to Iran, the $1.7 billion would mean $37.4 million for the IRGC,” wrote Rachel Hoff, the analyst at the American Action Forum who calculated this. “Paying ransoms in exchange for Americans held abroad is one bad policy. Indirectly funding terrorism is another.”


There’s no doubt that the IRGC is a terrorist group, as the State Department report from 2012 cited the “marked resurgence of Iran’s state sponsorship of terrorism through its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps — Quds Force, its Ministry of Intelligence and Security, and Tehran’s ally Hezbollah.” It went on to say that these terrorist activities “have reached a tempo unseen since the 1990s.”

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