Judge Nap Shares Creative Way We Can Actually Stop School Shootings, It Comes Straight From Israeli Army

While liberals are calling for gun control and restrictions to the 2nd Amendment after the Florida shooting, Judge Napolitano shared a much better solution, taken straight out of the Israeli army playbook. It will make liberals furious.

“The more important thing is, this is not a time in tragedy, to be re-debating the Second Amendment. I mean, the right to keep and bare arms bear arms is as natural a right as the right to the right to speak and the right to worship or the right not to worship,” explained Judge Nap.


“My suggestion is the Israeli model. Not all the teachers are armed but all the teachers — the culture’s different, I know that. All the teachers have been in the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces. Every adult except for certain religious groups, spends time there. And in that time period they are trained,” explained Napolitano.

“And select teachers, quietly, not ostentatiously are armed and quietly trained. You can’t just carry a gun. You have to practice with it every week. Guess how many of these school shootings they have in Israel? Zero,” said Nap.


What do you think of his idea? Do you think this is something that could work here in America? Why do liberals believe the best way to defend ourselves is to make ourselves defenseless?