Two Florida Survivors Shut Up MSNBC’s Brian William’s Gun Control Rant In One Sentence

The second the Florida shooting has happened, before we knew any details, liberals jumped onto their social media platforms to complain that we need stricter gun control laws. However, 2 survivors of the shooting were interviewed by MSNBC’s Brian Williams and they gave him an answer he really didn’t expect.

“If you were a lawmaker, an adult in a decision-making position, how would you stop, do you think, the kind of thing that happened today? A kid who’d been thrown out, he comes back with a weapon, and takes out whatever grievance he’s been walking around with in his head,” said Brian Williams to high school senior Brandon Minoff.

“Gun-wise I don’t think there’s any way to prevent it. You outlaw guns it just creates a higher demand for it,” responded Minoff.


“I think it has to do with mental health, though. If he’s been expelled three different times from three different schools, I think he needs to be helped out,” said Minoff.

Brandon’s younger brother Aiden also spoke and described the experience. “Everyone’s going to walk in knowing what happened and there’s no way of changing that. They’re trying to go back. Really, it’s just going to be a grieving and really depressing time. But we should unify as a community and a society from this tragedy,” said high school freshman Aiden Minoff. Check out the video below.