I Am 60 Years Old And This Plant Returned My Vision, Removed Fat From My Liver And Completely Cleaned My Colon

The majority of people always put their health before anything else. Maintaining your health is not an easy job – over time, our organs and body functions deteriorate, leading to problems such as loss of vision or colon obstruction. Sometimes, too much fat can accumulate in the liver and cause numerous problems which will definitely affect your overall health. Luckily, there’s a natural ingredient that can help – Beets.

Beetroot is a European radish vegetable that has been for the most part consumed raw or in plates of mixed greens. Relatively few individuals like their taste, yet beets have various medical advantages – for instance, they can remove the fat from your liver, prevent colon impediments and enable you to recapture your visual perception. Also, it doesn’t stop there!

Medical advantages of beets

Beets can enhance your blood flow and strengthen your cardiovascular framework, while likewise offering your body with enough vitality for the day. The vegetable contains betaine and tryptophan, uncommon substances that can provide relief to your nerves and battle pressure. The anti-inflammatory properties of beets and their high cancer prevention agent substance can battle free radicals in your body and enhance your general wellbeing. Here are the means by which to set up a solid beetroot plate of mixed greens you can eat quickly:



Beetroot – 2 To 3Onions – 2
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt to Taste



Peel off the beetroots and cook them in water. Add a pinch of salt in them.

Chop them in small slices and put them in a serving bowl

Chop the onions and mix them with the beets

Add extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt to taste.

At this end sprinkle this salad with some vinaigrette and leave it for an hour.

Your salad is ready to be served.


This salad will clean your colon and liver and will also improve your eyesight. We will suggest you to eat this salad every day. As beetroots are very healthy and highly nutritious, you should include them in your daily diet.