If Your Hair And Nails Fall, Than Eat This Food And Recover Everything!

Do you have a hair fall issue? Or you have weak and fragile nails? In such cases, it is likely that you have problems with the adrenal organs and you didn’t have any acquaintance with it. Despite the fact that it appears to be peculiar to you, these impact the strength of your hair and nails.

As per a few studies, ladies lose in the vicinity of 50 and 100 strands of hair for each day. If in the case of your situation you believe that your hair falls substantially more than that sum, you may have adrenal issues. Hence you should keep an alert in them.

The adrenal glands are the organs that are situated on the upper side of the kidneys. These are endocrine organs that are responsible for discharging distinctive hormones in the body. To name a few of them are adrenaline and steroids.

That is the reason we should take great care of our overall health. To exacerbate the situation, the hormones discharged by it enable control blood pressure expands the insusceptibility and enhances the working of the digestive system.

While the adrenal organs are healthy, we can control pressure. Without these present some issue, we can show numerous medical problems. In this way, today I will discuss a natural cure extremely successful to deal with said glandular.

Numerous individuals like to go to medications and drugs officially tried and tested. Despite the fact that these are successful, with the progression of time we can end up safe to them. Then again, they have a tendency to be costly and troublesome for the majority of us to get to. Also, they make harm the body, particularly the kidneys. Hence, around tend to dismiss traditional techniques.


If you are one of those, don’t stress. There are numerous regular cures and natural remedies that you can use as another option to end these issues. Along these lines, you will keep your hair from falling and your nails will keep on breaking. Focus on what you should do to set up this straightforward cure that deals with the adrenal glands.

Things you will need:

Unprocessed honey
Dry parsley leaves
Brazilian nuts

Preparation and method of use:

Preparing this home remedy is much easier than you can think.

First, take Brazilian nuts and blend them with parsley leaves. Mix these two ingredients very well.

At this point, add raisins, grated ginger and honey. Now mix all of them until a smooth paste. With this our remedy for healthy hair and nails is ready.

Consuming it is very simple. Take 2 tablespoons of this paste on an empty stomach. You should always take this remedy on an empty stomach as adrenal glands can absorb greater properties of these ingredients. Thus, very soon you will see excellent results.


It is advised to consume 2 to 3 doses of this remedy during the week. Soon you will experience the difference. In other words, you will see a number of changes in your body both internal and external. You will have long and shiny hair as well as your nail will grow faster and will stay stronger.